How To Achieve Lasting Weight Loss Success  

By Brad Pilon, MS

You can achieve short term weight loss almost any way you like. You can follow an extremely low carb diet, low fat, low cookie, zero sugar…whatever. However this type of extreme dieting cannot be sustained for very long and certainly won’t work for lasting weight loss success (it’s just too boring and too restrictive).

Lot’s of people have a story about being on a complicated diet program at some point in their life, but almost nobody has a story about a complicated diet program they’re still on.
Almost all diet programs you can find on the market are simply too difficult to follow long term, they’re not practical and thus you and I will eventually give up on them. And trust me, I’ve tried them all.

The trick to true long term weight loss success is a diet plan that is simple and easy for you to follow.

A diet that requires you to make major compromises to your food choices and social life is doomed to fail. So are diets that have super complicated ‘good’ food and ‘bad’ food list.
Here is a simple checklist of diet rules that are unnecessary and can be extremely difficult to follow long term. Any diet that promotes any of these rules is most likely to difficult to follow for long term weight loss success:

Diets that promote:

  • Specific Calorie Ratios, especially if you need a calculator to follow the diet.

  • Specific Meal Timing especially if it includes waking up in the middle of the night to eat.

  • Strict Low Carbs or strict carbohydrate cycling.

  • Strict Low Fat or strict fat cycling.

  • Designing meals according to their glycemic index or glycemic load

  • Eating According to Your Blood Type, Metabolic type, or zodiac sign.

  • Any diet that has an extremely large list of foods that are considered “Bad”

  • Any diet that has an extremely small list of foods that are considered “Good”

  • A diet that incorporates any of the above rules may work extremely well for short-term weight loss, but will most likely be too difficult to follow for long-term weight loss success.

For long-term weight loss success try to find a diet that works for you, that is simple and that contains the least amount of rules. As always I recommend Eat Stop Eat because it works, and it’s easy, and it only has one simple guideline to follow.

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with over eight years experience working in the nutritional supplement industry specializing in clinical research management and new product development. Brad has completed graduate studies in nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss.

His trademarked book Eat Stop Eat has been featured on national television and helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat without sacrificing the foods they love. For more information on Eat Stop Eat, visit

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"The Eat Stop Eat method of using flexible, intermittent fasting as a style of fasting for weight loss and fat burning!"

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